15 Contemporary Foyer & Entry Way Design Ideas

15 Contemporary Foyer & Entry Way Design Ideas

Not all homes allocate space for the hallway or entry way, especially if their space is limited. But some people still prefer to have one. A foyer is a foyer or front door entry way into a room or home. There are different ways to design a foyer. Some may only add wall decorations while others put a table where some decorations are also added on top of it. There are also spacious lounges that can be used as an area for entertaining guests and other social activities.

If we talk about ordinary houses, these also have lobbies albeit not spacious enough for social events. These are usually small areas but they can make your guests feel welcome just by seeing how well they are designed. So today, we are going to show you 15 contemporary hallway designs where you can get ideas for what to do in your hallway.

Amazing transformation

contemporary lobby

Connect architecture, PC

A beautiful contemporary door greets guests warmly but the addition of a beautiful painting on the stone wall makes a big difference in the hall’s appeal.


Entry method

Infiniti Master Builder

Can you tell us which one you like the most in this input method? The vase, table carving, chair upholstery, area rug, ceiling, mirror and more are great! This is already one foyer screaming “hello”!

foyer idea

Entry way design

Angelica Henry Design

Stunning contemporary foyer featuring a lighted glass panel underneath surrounded by slabs of polished granite and travertine. This is not only a great place to take pictures but also ideal for creating a dramatic ambiance in welcoming guests into the home.

127 Park Valley

Awesome tile work!

Geno’s Homes

Fantastic floor tile work! The lobby has a curved bench under the stairs that matches well with the floor plan.

Entry foyer

mother of pearl

Cindy Ray Interiors, Inc.

The mother-of-pearl wall covering is one of the good features of this lobby. When an attractive high-gloss entry table was added, it looked even more amazing!

East Hampton Beach House

shabby mirror

Karen Bowen Interiors

Adding vases and other decorations above a table at the entrance is a good idea. A large rickety mirror expands the look of the space.

Muraya Bay Models – Naplessa

curved wall

Rene Gaddis Interiors

One side of the curved wall has been treated with some wooden walls and a beautiful abstract painting. This foyer is undoubtedly contemporary in design.

Wordly في Los Altos

contemporary lobby

Miller Design Company

A 200-year-old antique door from India adds a unique statement to this entry way. Even the rug is so pretty with the flowers that it looks real!

utopia projects

Round banquette chairs

Utopia Lifestyle

The circular banquette seating set in the center of the room with beautiful carving is a good way to treat the foyer if it is spacious like this.

Depros Foyer Design


Depros design and build

Some entry ways lead directly to a staircase like this. This gives the stairs a chance to be the foyer’s light spot. But adding some seating and a table in one area can also be helpful. Sunburst wall decor is an attractive accent in this hallway.

Carlton Kondo

Chairs do not match

Meredith Heron

How about adding mismatched chairs to the foyer? It can definitely upgrade the appearance of this area.

contemporary gem

Entry way design

Sgh Designs Inc.

The combination of red, brown and beige is great! This is one foyer that will make your guests come!

Contemporary entry into San Francisco

Axle mirrors

Stephen Favreau

Axle mirrors from Z Galllerie are truly a standout piece for this hallway. It looked beautiful on the striped wall.


Retro Colorful Wall Decor


Foyer has colorful retro wall décor on the other side while opposite is a vase placed on a floating shelf.

Modern Minnetonka

contemporary lobby

Turnquist design

This contemporary home has different levels as evidenced by the staircase. They chose to leave the lobby flat with a simple bench and a vase to draw eyes on the walls and on the stairs.

Yes, lobbies or entry ways can be decorated. You have seen different ways on how to decorate a foyer. So, if you are having issues about what to do with that extra boring space that leads to your living room or other parts of the house, then the above designs will definitely give you a few ideas. The foyer divider can also be added to the space to make it look more beautiful.

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