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 Bedroom decorating ideas A small bedroom allows for a good night’s sleep.

          Most  apartments have limited space.  It makes the decoration of each room look a little difficult, especially  the bedroom  that many people use during their vacations. For those who have plans to decorate their bedroom  including decorating a small bedroom  let us have a look at bedroom decorating ideas elegantly.

1. A small bedroom in a minimalist style

          For those who like minimal decor, brown looks shaded with green leaves. Let’s take a look at the bedroom decorating ideas of Mr. Afif Sama who created a 4m wide by 6m long room himself, starting with the floor covered with brown wooden linoleum. The bed is made of polished pallet wood. Shelves made of steel joints, tubes and planks set on rails and blinds to filter the light on the windows.  Sam with some green trees. It only takes 3 days to do a budget 


2. Scandinavian style bedroom

          Scandinavian bedroom decorating is another style for people who love simplicity. Focus on brightness mixed with western flair.  Let’s give you an example from Devily, a member of the website. Inside the bedroom, there is a white brick wall at the head of the bed. There is a 5-foot floating wooden bed attached to the reading lamp at the head of the bed. Put a small glass steel table beside the bed, dressing table. At the end of the bed is a bookcase, which is decorated with two layers of curtains, sheer curtains, and solid color roll-up curtains.

3. A bedroom in an old wooden house

room decorations
room decorations


          A small bedroom in an old wooden house  if it is redecorated, it looks more beautiful. Like a wooden bedroom set by winkawee, member of The entire room is painted white to increase brightness. Install white sheer curtains to increase privacy. It comes with a 5-foot white mattress, covered in soft linoleum in a wood pattern, with a white bookshelf separating the living area with bean bags accented by a light brown rug. And a white desk at the end of the bed


4. Bedroom 27 square meters.


          As for the small apartments of about 27 square meters, most of them are studios separated by glass doors. You may have to decorate the entire room in the same style. If you like a bedroom in soothing blue tones,  you’d like to see an example from Khun Noi Heddee (HD), a member of the website. Decorated in blue or turquoise and white. Divide the bedroom with gorgeous black checkered glass so it doesn’t look too uncomfortable. The quilt is in the shape of a blue flower. Decorate the wall at the head of the bed with picture frames and put curtains on the windows. There are fake plants placed at different angles and a desk in the bedroom that lines up with the window opening. This saves a lot of space.



5. A small bedroom of 12 square meters

          A house with a small bedroom  is suitable for dressing in white to make it look more spacious, for example, member number 5982554, a member of the website. Who just decorated a small bedroom at home with two sisters to make it look nice, modern and simple style  Start by painting white acrylic water-based paint on all the walls of the room. Decorated with white cotton curtains. Rubber tile floor  Add a desk  with a white chest of drawers  and a white chair  decorated with plants in the corner of the room  looks very bright.



6. Scandinavian-style bedroom cleaning

room decorations
room decorations

          Because her bedroom has limited space. Therefore, the items to be placed must be practical and beautiful at the same time. Like Decorating Your Room, Blue Jazz Member of  Focus on simplicity  Subtle luxury  with an airy eye  by emphasizing the white wall  White bed  Pieces of wood furniture  Light-colored curtains  and framed picture on the headboard wall


7. The bedroom is dominated by dark tones in a masculine style.

room decorations
room decorations

          A man who is looking for a dark bedroom decoration style would like you to take a look at the example of Mr.SulfurousAcid. member  Emphasize blues and light grays so the room isn’t too dark.  Add orange lights to help warm the room. Insert a black bookcase  and place a glass desk to look airy and not block the daylight from the window.



8. Small bedroom, 14 square meters, in Zen style

          The small bedroom in the old building looks cramped, the old paint is peeling and the floor is old wood with different levels of wood grooves, so WORK54STUDIO renovated the floor with wood grain rubber tiles. Paint the wall green, which is the original color. Change the window screen frame into a gold aluminum frame. Add wood blinds to shade and hide from the outside. Place the bed next to a window to give space to the room in the middle. Fill in the slatted white wall at the head of the bed. And he put a long desk near the windowsill

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