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geometric artwork

October 31, 2016

Silka b

In addition to gestural and expressive, geometric In an effort to represent non-representational, non-objective ideas and certain philosophical and spiritual ideas,  abstract geometric art  dominated the 20th century. Various geometric shapes guided the creation of   great  avant-garde movements such as Cubism, Futurism  and  Suprematism  .

The geometric art of artists such as Kazimir Malevich or Piet,  or   the search for compositional expression  symmetry , Mondrian, was understood as the only tool capable of expressing new ways and fundamental problems, much more than  in art  These questions reflected the need for a new language in the rebuilding of society as a whole.

A forerunner of the pursuit of  pure abstraction, geometric art also  changed the nature of painting and sculpture  .

In modern practice, love for the purity of geometry and color is replacing the legacy of the great periods of the past. Op art and   optical illusion  pieces , as well as  colorful field paintings  from the post-minimalist  period  , are helping contemporary authors and artist-engineers to realign. The fascination with engineering can be seen not only in the field of fine arts, but also as a main characteristic of graphic design and craftsmanship.

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Artur Dorval – Sans Taitre

Fascinated by the movement of pure geometric abstraction,  Arthur Dorval is recognized as one of the most outstanding  young French artists in the field of geometry In his characteristic style of theatricality with color and geometric shapes, Dorval’s works are characterized by a certain mobility and liveliness, closely associated with architectural objects. While studying painting and design, Dorval decided to focus her creativity on the renewal of engineering.


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François Morellet – sculpting the volumes of Troyes

Today,  François Morellet is recognized as one of the main representatives  of the art of concrete  . His application  of mathematical systems and engineering concepts  also places him at the center of conceptual  and minimalist art  production. Sharp in the idea of ​​demystifying works of art and liberating subjectivity, Morelle’s architecture transcends painting. His artistic, geometric and grid structures in painting and sculpture are created using a range of non-traditional materials.


Tom McGlynn – Little Test Form 2

Tom McGlynn  is a geometric artist known for using  contrasting colors  in his minimalist approach to abstraction. Working in a variety of disciplines including painting, graphics, photography and sculpture, McGlynn also works as a curator  . Far from his expectations, the choice of color in his geometric art creates an atmosphere of conflicting forces.  Her series of trial models explores the essence of the contemporary object through the interaction of the eye with color and form. His abstract paintings deny any emotion or evidence of the artist’s inner presence and reflect ideas similar to the great minimalist works of the past.


Luke Newton – The Grains of Expectation – The Future

The young British artist  Luke Newton became famous for his most banal manipulations and interpretations. By turning many  everyday items  such as the iPod into defensive weapons or attaching differently shaped red stickers to canvases, Newton is one of the important contributors to the New  Pop Art movement. An unconventional choice of material is why Widewalls falls in love with their  Beads Thrill – Future abstract painting. Entirely beaded, this simple abstract geometric art explores the texture and repeating shape of small black rectangles on a white surface.


Jana Hamman – #808080

Recently,  Jana Hemann  has focused her projects mainly on virtual art, but she has also become famous for her painting and  installation work  More often than not, Hammam refuses to create social commentary in his work, instead focusing on using humor, irony, and satire to be critical of social norms. Her abstract print showcases the insecurity of one of her digital art creations. Part of his series  #808080  , the print is an exploration of pure geometric abstraction incorporating black, white and shades of gray.


Fritz Ruprechter – Untitled 2 (grey-blue)

Fritz Ruperchter  – the wizard  of watercolor  . Reflecting color field painting and some of  the most important post-minimalist painters  , his images vibrate with serenity and love for color. The transparency of the medium adds a hidden poetic element between layers of paint. Recognized as one of the most important Austrian abstract painters, Ruprechter explored various geometric and linear forms and managed to combine parts into a coherent whole.  His Untitled 2 (Blue/Grey) design was created using watercolor and lacquer on masonite and is a perfect example of his famous geometric art.

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