20 beautiful and bold ideas for black staircase design

20 beautiful and bold ideas for black staircase design

Aside from connecting different levels of the house, stairs can also be an added feature of your home. Others even consider it a sculptural element within the home. do you agree?

Well, you might think that stairs look simple with the tread and riser. But you are wrong!

You can actually come up with a completely unique staircase design that will give your home a look that you will surely be proud of.

It is not only the design that varies but even the color as well as the materials used to make it. It can be made of wood, steel or even a glass balustrade. Surely you can imagine how beautiful the staircase can look with this material!

But what about the black staircase? No, it will not look too dull or dark in your home. As a matter of fact, it will give an amazing boost to your interior.

Well, if you are not convinced, why not take a look at the black staircase design ideas that we have collected for you today. You will definitely fall in love with this staircase color!

take a look:

1. Carson Woolstor

Carson Wollstor

tunic design

Shown here is a large industrial staircase consisting of wood tops and a metal railing staircase. On its side there is a brick wall that adds attractiveness to the space. Don’t you find the knight statue interesting? It gave the house a royal touch!

2. Harmonia – Finland

Harmonia - Finland


Most Scandinavian spaces use white in their interior. But take a look at this curved staircase painted black. Doesn’t fit in this Scandinavian home!

3. Los Angeles lights

Highlights of Los Angeles

Jay Green Photography

This contemporary staircase used a combination of wood, glass, and metal. The result is amazing and simple.

4. The country house in La Cerdanya, Spain

Country house in La Cerdanya, Spain

دوم Architecture

The black staircase and stone wall creatively showcase the artistic appeal of this interior. It also looks beautiful with the exposed wooden ceiling beams.

5. Jelani Loft

Jilani Loft

Stern McCafferty

Want to add floating tread to your ladder? Go ahead so you can get one similar to this. Really quite attractive!

6. Claremont Street Residence

Claremont Street Residence

Stern McCafferty

A stunning local staircase that emphasizes balance and proportion. I’ve used skinny strings, particularly at the comfort landing level where the extraordinarily slim structural section keeps the staircase light and airy. The exposed stair profile expressed by a sawtooth stringer sits alongside a glass insert framed by a steel balustrade and balustrade.

7. Frigatan


Andreas Martin Love

This staircase looks like a drawing on the wall but is actually functional. The apartment gave off a unique combination of clever solutions, precious materials and the charm of the century that it kept.

8. Capture View House

Catch View House

LAND Architects

This house used contrasting colors in its interior just like what you see in this photo. The black staircase definitely added allure to the house.

9. Mid-Century Remodel

Mid-Century Remodel

Webber + Studio, Architects

You can add more drama to your home by adding an intricately designed railing like this one. Aside from the black surfaces, she also added white to it.

10. IA Interior Architects

IA . Interior Architects

IA . Interior Architects

Looking at the wall will remind us of Google Maps which I think inspired that mural. But take a look at how the black staircase complements this wall! Discover more interesting murals from PIXERS that let you get rid of boring walls.

11. São Paulo Apartment

Sao Paulo apartment

Alan Chu

If your space has a mezzanine, why not use a spiral staircase like this one? This looks more interesting because of its color.

12. Perve House

Perf House

Andy Martin Architecture

We recently put this house up here on the Home Design Lover and absolutely loved how it used the glass floors. But we also noticed a unique drawer design in black. Very creative, isn’t it?

13. Ghorfa Street

Al-Ghorfa Street

This staircase makes a strong and dynamic statement for this multi-level home. Bold in black and white, the stairs form the room’s backdrop like a piece of art. It features floor-to-ceiling glass balustrades on the exterior staircase. The black metal plate forms the structural support for the treads.

14. ALH Residence

ALH Residence

If your home has high ceilings, you can use vertical fins to emphasize it and direct attention upwards in an elegant and subtle way. The simple style and black color of the stairs give a beautifully balanced look.

15. Iron and wire

iron wire

This is similar to what we saw from the Perf House. I used iron and steel to achieve this simple yet eye-catching staircase.

16. The stairs


I love the artistic appeal of this space with its different colors and motifs throughout! Aside from the stairs, I love how she added the dripping gold wall paint on the beam!

17. DesignWeldCST1


Do you want to design a simple ladder that is practical and useful? Why don’t you try this. Or you can look at other ideas on how to add shelves under the stairs.

18. House A 01

House A01

The house features a carved staircase that leads to the home office in the attic. Looks like one will have a good time climbing this one.

19. Peter’s house

Peter's house

The inspiration for this home stems from worn-out warehouses and factories with its black steel and old bricks. Well, that explains why using black steel for stairs looks very interesting.

20. Melbourne Warehouse

Melbourne warehouse

The converted warehouse had a wooden staircase but was replaced by sandblasted acrylic which allowed light into the lower level of the space. The interior of the warehouse contains tactile pieces and lush greenery giving it an upscale and inviting feel. Check out another diversion at Melbourne Warehouse which turned out to be really beautiful.

I’m not sure about you but to me, this list is kind of eye opening that black isn’t ugly at all. We know for a fact that some people think that black will not work well in an interior. But after seeing this roundup of black staircase designs, you will surely realize that they are absolutely beautiful and bold! Apart from that, using black color will give your staircase the highlights it deserves especially if it has a unique modern design. Can you tell me which of the above stairs you prefer the most?

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