20 Stunning Living Rooms With Square Glass Coffee Tables

20 Stunning Living Rooms With Square Glass Coffee Tables

I know we didn’t have a couple of lists talking about coffee tables because we probably already covered everything about them, but when I was checking the site for glass coffee tables, I found out otherwise. This list is in some way going to be the same as the ones we show here but with more great examples I think you’ll love.

20 stunning living rooms with square glass coffee tables make for a fun stand. The living spaces here come in different archetypes that show us just how versatile glass is. As much as round or circular coffee tables are very popular, a square or rectangular coffee table is still a practical matter of choice; Check out the list below.


1. Fulham

Fulham family

This is a beautiful living room that definitely deserves to be on top of the list. Even when this living room looks really simple and straightforward – the look and the aura it gives off is actually pretty cool – it’s sophisticated, mature, and clean. I usually never call the living room clean (because I think the kitchen or bathroom is usually called clean) but I think this sounds pretty much like it and tidy; Love her!

2. Greenbrier Residence

Grainbrewer Resid

I remember adding this living room to my list about ottomans before and I thought it was really nice to see how the glass coffee table could somehow be connected to other pieces of furniture. I love the colors in this living room – a bit masculine but really appropriate.

3. Hollywood Regency Turnberry Ocean Colony

ocean turnberry

DKOR Interiors really has one of the best living spaces I’ve ever seen. It might be too early to say the least because there could have been more beautiful spaces designed by other designers, but I think it’s a good idea to say the least. This living room is sure to be the perfect living space to be on this list.

4. Mayfair Palace

Mayfair Palace

This black and white living room definitely exemplifies sophistication and sophistication that not all of the living rooms on this list have. The furniture and décor here are cool and modernly striking and I think this space is absolutely perfect for a hangout for tea and coffee indulging in the future with your friends.

5. Valley Mill

valley mill

This gorgeous Mill Valley living room is amazing! The space may not be very big but there is enough seating, nice pieces of furniture and elegant decorations. Love the cool side table and the fact that this small space has plenty of windows – for light and ventilation.

6. South Yarra

south yarraks

The lovely high chairs in this lovely home in South Yarra are definitely unique and expensive (at least I think so); The gorgeous glass coffee table and stunning area rug are absolutely stunning and I think they’re actually distinct pieces this living room is proud to have.

7. Tillinghast Estate

property tlinghust

What a heavenly living room! The subtle white and gray hues in this space make everything more cool and sophisticated. The ornaments seen here like the large mirror above the mantle, the large vase above the glamorous glass coffee table and the things inside the cabinetry on either side of the fireplace are absolutely gorgeous.

8. Montauk


Two small glass coffee tables are added to this small but elegant living room. The neutral color palette chosen to use in this living space is always a safe and cool choice. Using two small coffee tables makes up for a large table and somehow makes it attractive and unique.

9. Western Springs Living Room

Debbie Basnett

Gorgeous gold and blue living room is something that can always be thought of especially at times when you are considering the color palette that you can choose if you want to have a classy look without being too cluttered. This contemporary space might have just the right stuff to really stand out.

10. Amagansett Residence 2

Paul Rice

A one-of-a-kind piece of furniture, the coffee table here is too cool to ignore. The colors we see here – like brown and white make it a bit traditional but still homey and fun! An antler head over a fireplace might be just what this space needs to feel like you’re in the woods or like a farmhouse.

11. Canterbury

Canterbury House

This living room somehow has a lot going on, but I think even when this living room is a bit too much, it sure looks homey and traditional which makes it even more interesting and inviting! Coffee tables can be quite large, but you’ll never know when you need them!

12. Chatham Residence

Chatham Residence

I wish we had a closer picture of the gorgeous coffee table in this living room. I mean, the glass is simple here which makes it blend well with the blue and beige furniture, but the bottom of the table is absolutely gorgeous and whether it’s a legitimate piece of recycled wood or not, it’s still pretty cool.

13. Hampton Place

Hampton Place

The black inlay on the glass coffee table is a great thing because we know that black goes well with everything and in this case, since the furniture has so much in it, the simple and elegant coffee table blends everything perfectly. The large console around the fireplace is absolutely gorgeous and matches well with the color of the walls and furniture.

14. Historical Religious Complex

Historic Aldine

A large piece of furniture – this glass coffee table definitely complements the look that the living room is trying to achieve – or at least maintain it. The fabric used on all the armchairs here is gorgeous, especially the ones that look violet somehow or something.

15. Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Love the large coffee tables in this amazing mansion. Just the fact that this is a “palace” makes it more interesting and worth seeing. All the furniture here definitely looks elegant and sophisticated; The color of the walls makes all the furniture and pillowcases match which is very cool.

16. Contemporary New England

England Contem

The neutral-colored sofas in this living room are sure to rock the glass coffee table in the middle of the room. What I personally love about this coffee table is its modern design and the cute legs on it. Also, this living room has a wonderful fireplace that definitely stands out.

17. Presidio Edwardian

Presidio Edwardian

If you look closely, you can see that in the center of the room are four square glass coffee tables next to each other to form a larger square. These glass coffee tables make it look like one great piece of furniture that compliments all the other furniture around, which is actually a good thing because whenever we want to mix and match things, we always need neutrals.

18. Western Quail

West quail

Well, what do you think of the matching furniture in your living room? I know at some point we want things to be cohesive and all that but somehow the furniture here is made of the same wood or something – I can’t say I’m crazy about that fact but it definitely still looks great.

19. St. John’s Wood Penthouse

wood girl

Stunning living room with stunning sky view. With a beautiful living room like this, I don’t think there will be a problem with people coming in or times when you just want to plunge into the house and enjoy a great movie – alone or otherwise.

20. Water Street

Water Street

To end this list there is one large glass table which I think will definitely bring a few things together especially when the visitors are around. The fact that there is a lot of seating here makes me think that choosing this table was a perfect choice.

Here you guys are, a list featuring Gorgeous Living Spaces that chose to use a glass coffee table in a box and that definitely worked! I know we could probably have chosen something different when we were imagining other options for the tables, but I think it was just as great and I think the owners loved it too! For more glass table inspiration, check out 20 unique rotating glass coffee table patterns.

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