22 outdoor spaces with stunning white dining chairs

22 outdoor spaces with stunning white dining chairs

An outdoor space is definitely a great and practical idea especially when there are friends. When it’s a nice day to dine outside or just stay in the fresh air without having to stray from the comforts of your home, an outdoor space is definitely a great place to be. Here is a collection of 22 outdoor spaces that might give you enough inspiration to finally put that table and set of chairs down to make a whole group and finally enjoy that meal with that great view.

Added to this collection are these elegant and cute white chairs that fit well with your outdoor space. These chairs definitely look clean and will go with a lot of different materials, it could be wood, glass or even steel. Take a look at these 22 outdoor spaces with stunning white dining chairs and let this collection make you rethink your front yard or your additional lawn space and perhaps start setting up your space with elegant white dining chairs.


1. 200 11th Street Penthouse

11 ave

Meridit Bayer Home

This penthouse sure has a great view of New York and I think a view like that is something the wealthy would gladly pay at any time for the feeling they get with it – be it blissful or at home – whatever, definitely something anyone would love to know about.

2- Casa Tec 189

Casa Tec

GLR Architects

The design of the white chairs here is something I think is a current design of contemporary chairs – they are elegant, interesting and unique; While we of course know that original pieces of furniture are a rarity – I still like to think the chairs here are cool – I wouldn’t really mind having them at home.

3. Caulfield Home

Caulfield Home

Mr. Mitchell

Well this dining area is definitely a nice place they added near the pool because people obviously get hungry every time they actually go for a swim. Choosing a white dining room set is great because apart from this space being white, it usually looks great with a pool.

4. Grayson

Landscaping BSQ

front gate

With all the flora surrounding this dining room set, it definitely seems like this space is in the middle of nowhere – but of course, that’s not the case because this is actually downtown – like the city you actually live in. You can always recreate a space like this in your background.

5. Doyle Home Venice

inhabits the house

Kissel design

I can’t say for sure if they actually used the same materials for the wooden table and ceiling we see here. Using white chairs, you see, is a very smart move; That’s it for me – because this space really has any bold color you can think of – sepia, gray, and even black. So, the use of white chairs means contrast in the space.

6. The thirty-second residence

Bayswater Kunst

Bayswater Construction Management

The design of the white chairs in this outdoor space is just as cool – notice how modern it looks against the paired table, the wood planks used in the floor, and the panels that act as a neighbor’s partition.

7. The edge of modernity

edge novelty

DKOR Interiors

Oh, I feel like Julie Andrews is against all the greens here—except that she’s not in the mountains (since then, The Sound of Music is somehow filmed in the mountains). All the modern stuff in this dining room set makes it more interesting than it actually is; Plus the aura the plants give off really makes the set stand out.

8. Gordon

Dean Herald

Dean Herald – Rolling Stone Landscaping

The chairs in this dining room (not sure if it’s a set of course) look a bit bulky. The table is a bit like a table tennis table which is definitely attractive to me. With all the grays in this space, the white chairs bring out a bit of interest in them.

9. Hillside House

Hillside House

new look

A tall white table paired with six white chairs, against white walls and decor – pretty much overkill, don’t you think? I know this space is actually a great space, but I definitely wish they had some contrast other than the brown wood paneling – but it sure looks nice, doesn’t it?

10. Ducal House

Pet Doc

Nico van der Meulen Architects

I know these white chairs look really nice — I mean, they’re modern in a way, they look really stylish, but I don’t think they’re comfortable. Maybe it’s just me – having a great back and everything, I think the design of these chairs needs an upgrade of some sort.

11. Ibis

Ibis Isle

front gate

I am definitely intrigued by the design of the chairs that this dining room set has. If you actually check out the Frontgate website, you’ll actually be able to see two really cool dining set designs that you might actually like – enough for you to take home with you.

12. Lake Estate

lake real estate

Kara Man

A beautiful pergola is seen accentuating the space allowing you to take a more dramatic approach before reaching the outdoor dining area. Although the seats here only have linen covers, they still have an interesting feel; Especially from this point of view.

13. Laurel Avenue Residence

Laurel Ave

Construction Lab, Inc.

White 4-Seater Dining Set – This dining set definitely looks perfect for this space as it contrasts with everything else around it. If you notice, this dining space really stands out. Do not agree?

14. Vacation Home

Maison Holidays

Susanna Family Interior Design

White Metal Outdoor Dinner Set ; Elegant, very feminine and somewhat classic. Honestly, I used to see things like this in my aunt’s or grandmother’s gardens or yards, but at the time, they’re fairly rare and hard to find, and sometimes, if you really want one, you’ve got to especially get it done.

15. Manly

Manly New South Wales

Dean Landscape Herald Rolling Stone

Now, the name of this place – masculine only. No, that was a (badly made) joke. Do you remember the movies where they feature the director of the movie or something? Or maybe the chairs these artists sit on when they’re in their dressing rooms and they put on their make-up? This is basically what I remember when I saw the design of these dining chairs.

16. Outdoor dining

Outdoor dining


Well, this garden set is definitely amazing! It looks really pretty and you can somehow associate it with summer or the outdoors! It’s definitely white and I think it’s possible that this one could have other colors on the market; Pretty cool, isn’t it?

17. Parsons Green

Parson Green

Really beautiful gardens

If you notice, like a patio dining set, some if not most of the furniture on this list is made of steel—that’s because of the way weather destroys other materials. On the other hand, steel has a lasting durability – white is a popular choice, but if I’m buying outdoor furniture, I’d stay away from white.

18. Blas Souci


Dean Landscape Herald Rolling Stone

If I had the chance to live in a place like this—with a patio that allowed me to see the beach and those yachts every day—I think leaving would never be an option; But more than that, I’m sure people who live in places like this needed that view and that’s why they actually chose to live there.

19. Shelley Street, Elwood

Chile Street

Platinum Building Group

What do you think of the contemporary style of the table and chairs in this photo? It definitely looks beautiful against all the wood in this house – floors, walls, and even part of the house.

20. Soho Duplex Penthouse

Soho Duplex

Kara Man

Dining room furniture in this open plan penthouse area is a very simple yet wonderful space to be in. You have a view of the city, a clear view of the beautiful sky and enough space to relax and have meals with your family and friends.

21. Sophisticated Getaway

advanced getaway

DKOR Interiors

Here is a stunning patio overlooking the ocean from DKOR Interiors. The sitting area, dining area and the part where you can sunbathe have the best view and I think the designers really did a great job with that. From this angle, can you imagine being inside a ship?

22. Palermo

Palermo getaway

front gate

This is usually the material for outdoor chairs – perfect for outdoor seating as the material can withstand the wear and tear of weather and unless this dining set is covered with a canopy or something, I would suggest a different color.

What do you think? I hope to be able to make great suggestions for outdoor spaces and I hope you will consider white chairs for your area because they are definitely a good color and they are very stylish. Just make sure you choose the right combinations and designs to make your afternoon barbecue or wine night with friends even more special.

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