Bathtub cleaning tips 

Bathtub cleaning tips 


Today we dedicate our home tips to specific bathtub cleaning.  Revealing some little secrets that will allow you to have a sparkling bathroom without spending loads of money. 


The importance of cleaning the bathtub

The moment of cleaning inside the house is very important especially for the bathroom area. In fact, the latter is the place most exposed to the presence of bacteria, which is why it is important to keep it clean to avoid dirt, unpleasant odors and, last but not least, bad impressions from our guests. In today’s market, there are many products for bathtub cleaning, some effective and some less so. But before indulging in these, why not try some do-it-yourself methods that are often more useful and effective?

Clean your bathtub with natural products

One of the most commonly used household compounds for bathtub cleaning is made  from  baking soda  , white  vinegar  , and lemon  The amounts of each material are strictly indicative, just keep in mind that the result should be a cream that is not too runny, but rather thick. Once you have this mixture, you will have to spread it on the  shower tray  , especially in the spots where time and water have left their mark, and let it work for a few minutes. Before rinsing everything off, continue scrubbing with an abrasive sponge or brush not too hard but with fine bristles.

This method is natural and minimally invasive, so you’ll be sure that whatever material your shower is made of, it won’t get damaged. As for  bathtubs  that have  yellowed over time   the solution to making them shiny again is to  apply  salt  and turpentine  to the  surface. Also in this case, let the product act for a few minutes and then remove it with a soft cloth.

For the toughest dirt

It must also be said that often, some sanitary ware, such as the toilet bowl and shower cubicle, which are subjected to frequent daily use, can deteriorate more quickly, resulting in stains and flakes that cannot be eliminated in normal cleaning. Time has left indelible marks in your bathroom, it may be necessary to resort to chemical cleaning products offered in the market. In this case, pay attention to the material of your plate and purchase products specifically specified for that specific material. For example, Kiamami Valentina offers a  specific range of anti-limescale materials for ceramics  , to be applied to prevent the formation of stains, streaks and limescale.

Mistakes must be avoided

The first and foremost precaution to follow is to carry out the daily cleaning of the plate but, don’t worry, we at the KV shop also know how often it is not possible to devote yourself to cleaning the house every day: there are those who work all day and come home tired in the evening, and have to take care of the children all day Today, who do not return home before dark. We can bypass the lack of daily cleaning, but do not exaggerate waiting times.

Take care of your bathroom day in and day out and you will see that you will never have to resort to extreme methods and/or invasive chemical products for cleaning.

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