7 lessons we learned about home storage

7 lessons we learned about home storage

The owners of this 100-year-old smart home in a suburb of San Francisco fell in love with the home’s historic architectural details and the sheer amount of space inside and out.

Since the house had not been modernized for many years before he took over, they felt it would be beneficial to get professional help to do the chores for them and their family and restore it to its full 1920s glory.

Now that this home has been completely renovated, it truly is one of the finest in the world, and extensive additions and alterations have further enhanced its appeal.

From the start, the owners made sure to incorporate practical storage ideas throughout the home. Some are game-changing, others are beautifully executed and incorporated into the existing details of the house, making it a real crime not to engage and highlight them.

San Rafael homeowner Caitlin Jones Design called for the space to be remodeled and renovated, adding master space and storage solutions. We asked you to share the design details of our seven favorite ideas built from this historic home.

1. Mud room storage can be beautiful


I’ve always felt that built-in wardrobes are especially important in historic homes. “Bespoke built-in wardrobes played a big role in my designs here,” Caitlin says. “We kept the same door pattern throughout most of the house for a cohesive feel, but mixed colors, used a variety of cabinet hardware, and added patterned accents or contrasting interior panels.”

In the mud room pictured above, there are some great mud room entryway ideas that are worth stealing. Caitlin explains that the entryway is organized with space to drop mail, lockers for his two daughters in the family, compartments for extra supplies, a bench for putting shoes, and hooks for hanging jackets.

Caitlin says, “My favorite aspect is definitely the cabinets. We chose metallic panels for the interior design, which are both beautiful and practical as they allow the cabinet to be airy. The couple went to the University of North Carolina and specially ordered a shade of Carolina blue, and we were thrilled to embrace the vibrant color.” .

Paint color Benjamin Moore Colonial Blue 1677. The seat is upholstered in a patterned fabric by John Robshaw. Storage cabinets for the hallway and elsewhere in the house were built by Bay Design & Build.

2. Best Home Office Storage


A well-organized workspace adds a new dimension to work-life balance and is a whole new addition.

“Customers dug into the old, low-ceilinged basement to provide additional living space,” Caitlin explains. We wanted this to also be a place to meet girls, as well as a space to study and work. We’ve created a vibrant color palette of olive tones in the work area, balanced with soothing plum tones in the living area that feels young and timeless.

We love these home office storage ideas: built-in cabinets symmetrical around the desk and open shelves in the middle.

3. Over-the-door storage is a must to make the most of small spaces


This room is a dream. And we’re not sure we can get as much work done with the San Francisco office as we can with this.

“The husband wanted a darker, more masculine space to take calls and get work done, and his office was ideally located to take advantage of the light from the original arched window and that view,” Caitlin says.

The main design features here are the built-in cabinets on either side of the door and above, using every inch of space to store only frequently used items. The desk is baker, the ocher treasury.

4. Built-in storage chair can be stylish


The built-in banquettes and breakfast bar benefit from a beautiful original bay window at one end of the kitchen plus natural light. Anyone looking for ideas for a small dining room will find many inspiring options in this space. Not least because the built-in bench can be a real space and, if necessary, provides for storage under the seat.

Caitlin wanted to make sure the breakfast room was comfortable, charming, and charming, as well as functional. “We designed and built a bench that perfectly matches the angular shape of the room, is full of nooks and is very comfortable, while still being wide enough to make room for friends.”

The table is by Hickory Chair, the seat is upholstered in a Sanderson fabric and the dining chair is by Oly Studio.

5. Customized tape can help improve kitchen storage


Caitlin explains that this tape slot was all about creating some drama. “From the indigo-painted cabinets, pull the walnut into the full-height wine fridge, mirrored cabinets, and onyx worktops.”

If you are looking for stylish home bar ideas, we think this one definitely has what it takes. It is smart and sophisticated, everything is at hand. We will shake our country and we will not move. the health!

6. Your wardrobe and closets keep clothes storage clean.


The two cabinets have very different looks and finishes, but the storage concepts are similar, Caitlin discusses key cabinet ideas for organized spaces (above) and grassy spaces (below).

“We were able to design two different cabinets for our clients and really wanted to play with the contrasts,” says Caitlin. It has mirrored interior cabinets, crystal lighting and soft colours. It should read as a wonderful library with cabinets and cupboards in fine walnut painted in deeper tones. The separation between these rooms is beautiful.


7. Laundry room can look beautiful


If you are looking for laundry room ideas, we advise you to stop here. This space is very nice for such a daily task, but that was the point. Why do home chores add to household chores by making them work day in and day out?


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