21 beautiful wooden dining sets with different designs

21 beautiful wooden dining sets with different designs

The most common material we use in construction and for the home is wood. Apart from the house structure, it is used in furniture and decorations as well. It also looks beautiful for the ceiling and floor of the house. Well, it really looks great any way you use it. Even when the house is made of concrete, it still looks great with the features of the wooden wall and the furniture in it.

Today, we will present wooden dining sets with different designs. These dining sets can be used for modern or even traditional dining areas. But most of the food combinations on the menu would be perfect for contemporary homes. You will also notice that some of the dining chairs on the menu have cushions or are upholstered for comfortable seating. Let’s take a look at the tour below.

1. Ebony extendable dining table

Rossetto Nightfly Ebony Extendable Dining Table


The curvy details of the dining chairs look beautiful and make this dining set one of a kind.

2. Modern Dining Table FS-FS750

Modern Dining Table FS-FS750

Elaine Richardson Architect

This dining set brings elegance and sophistication to the dining room with a unique design. It is also durable, high quality and superior craftsmanship.

3. Pinecrest


Eco Ranch Staging

Simple dining area with brick fireplace. A wooden dining set compliments the floor as well as the fireplace.

4. The Family House – Hampstead

Family home - Hampstead

Mia Carlson Interior Design

Apart from the long dining table, it also comes with two benches that are perfect for group seating.

5. EF-Karma Extendable Dining Table

Franco Furniture EF-Karma Extendable Dining Table

Franco Furniture

The dining room has a really attractive design. Apart from its function, it can also decorate any modern or contemporary interior and will make the dining area exquisite and luxurious.

6. 5-Piece Walnut Round Dinner Set America La Valley

America La Vallee Furniture 5-Piece Walnut Round Dinner Set


Transitional style dining set featuring a round dining table and four side chairs with padded fabric seats and a curved back slatted frame. It is finished with natural walnut wood for a glossy look.

7. Traditional Scandinavian family setting

A traditional Scandinavian family setting


Anything that looks Scandinavian is really cute because of its calm and elegant look. This color of wood is elegant and comfortable to look at.

8. Charm Mahogany Dining Table

Charmy Mahogany dining table

modern furniture

Quality furniture with excellent design and elegant style with super comfortable chairs.

9. Classic Italian Dining Table MCS-Pamela Walnut

Classic Italian Dining Table MCS-Pamela Walnut

modern furniture

This dining set can bring elegance to your home. The panels and straight veneer are coated using 6 steps/layers of high gloss UV polyester paint. This collection features a traditional style with European influences.

10. Demo House

Pilot's house

Eco Ranch Staging

The contemporary home has a wooden dining set where the dining chairs have black stools that contrast beautifully with the wood.

11. Hudson Square Dining Set with Dexter Chairs

Orient Express Furniture Hudson Square Dining Set with Dexter Chairs View =

Orient Express Furniture

I just love the nailhead detail on the chairs in this dining set. But what is most loved is the base design of the square top table.

12. Contemporary Dining Table FS-1064L

Contemporary Dining Table FS-1064L

modern furniture

This dining set features smooth lines and elaborate shapes that make it both functional and elegant. Its unique classic design is perfect for your dining room.

13. Utara Duplex House

Otara Duplex House

Youssef Nabi

Who wouldn’t love a throne like the dining chairs in this dining area? This is truly the perfect dining set for a modern or contemporary home or for anyone who wants to bring some royal oomph into their home.

14. French Country Dinner Set

rustic french dining group

Fairmont Woods Studios

The curved design of the chairs looks really nice to match the legs of the table. This looks cute and amazing and would look cute anywhere.

15. Customized dining table

Piedmont Kitchen

Angelica Henry Design

Isn’t this a beautiful table? Its design is unique in that the space in the center has some kind of clear glass or plastic in it. I also love the curvy design of the table. Also note that the chairs use the same wood as the dining table.

16. 4-Piece Dinner Set

Dinner set 4 pieces sex


Just a simple dining area with two chairs and a bench for communal seating. You can still see the wood grain in this dining set.

17. Swedish Fika for two

Swedish Fika for two


Do you have a small dining area? This dining set would look great in your home. It’s nice that the table has a small drawer and seems to have a sheet that allows it to be extended when more guests come.

18. 5-Piece Portland Dinner Set in Solid Wood

5-Piece Portland Solid Wood Dinner Set


This may sound like a normal dining set, but it isn’t. Its legs look unique especially that one side is angled while the other side is straight.

19. Harvest Vermont Shaker Dining Table

Fairmont Shaker Harvest Dining Table

Fairmont Woods Studios

We see this in many homes these days because this design is a bit common. But the good thing about it is that it matches any theme and colors you have in your home.

20. Hudson Table Stool

hudson table stool

AS Wood Craft

Don’t love the rustic chic and rustic look of this dining set? It’s nice that in addition to the comfortable dining chairs, there’s also a bench to match.

21. Photographing the dining room at the Four Seasons Hotel Delhi, India

Photography of the dining room at the Four Seasons Hotel Delhi, India

Dawn CJ

I love this although the chairs are not only made of wood, they still look good with the stainless addition. The dining table also integrates well with the chairs.

Wood really never fails. Whatever the type of finishing and whatever the design of the furniture as long as it is wood it will look really great and I know you will agree with me regarding that look because apart from the above pictures you also have seen how beautiful the wooden furniture is. The wooden dining set above can fit into a modern space of a traditional home. Which of the above food group do you prefer?

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