The Perf House features unique circular glass floors

The Perf House features unique circular glass floors

Glass is widely used for home construction due to its transparency, resistance to heat and pressure as well as its chemical resistance and resistance to breakage.

Commonly used for windows and doors to let in natural light. Apart from that, it can also be used as a kitchen countertop, stair railing, pool fencing and many more.

But did you know that glass can also be used as flooring?

Yes, there are homes that have made use of this material for the floors of their homes. Some have only used it for a small part to provide transparency to the bottom which could be a living space or sometimes a garden or a body of water!

Isn’t that amazing? Some homeowners like to add glass floors to their homes. There are also designers who suggest using glass to achieve the kind of interior decoration they want.

This is what Andy Martin Architecture did for a house in London. The project is called the Perf House which you will see in today’s feature.

The owners of the house wanted to bring some light and openness from their native Sardinia to central London. The scope of the project included the complete removal of all existing interior elements of the 5-storey Georgian public terrace house in Belgravia. With that, only the six-sided inner volumes were left.

The designers reimagined spaces to offer a new home environment characterized by transparency and connection, materiality and texture, light and shade, suspense and calm. They did this using circular glass floors.

Are you intrigued? Take a look at the photos of the house below and the glass floors.

Location : London

Designer : Andy Martin Architects

Style : modern

Number of levels : two-storey

Unique feature : The house features a circular glass floor that brings light and transparency to the interior of the house.

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Because of the owner’s request for a home that was light and bright, Andy Martin Architecture came up with the idea of ​​using glass floors.

Andy Martin Architecture

The architects created the entire main living room floor using sidewalk lights. It looks very unique, doesn’t it?

Perf House

The common sidewalk light often goes unnoticed on every commercial street in London. But in this house, it has been remodeled to allow natural light and activity to connect the first two levels of the house.

Perf house for interior

A restrained palette of industrial materials – raw concrete and black steel, combine with refined glass, timber and carefully detailed stucco to create a comfortable yet crisp interior. Not only is it a unique look, the subtle and scattered shades are constantly changing throughout the day.

Perf house living room

Starting in the basement, a handcrafted steel staircase connects to the ground floor and then makes its way to the first floor, at which point the solid steel panels transform into a perforated metal spine that pierces the building to the upper floor. The staircase from the first floor to the top was realized as a continuous wood carving, again entirely by hand and meticulously detailed.


Perfhouse kitchen area

To solve the problem of the dark and unwelcoming basement so common in this type of building, they have introduced a ground floor made up entirely of pedestrian walkway paving lights which is common on every commercial street in London.

Perve House Dinner

Shown here is the interior of the house from the living space to the kitchen. It is not spacious but it looks really good especially because of the neutral colors in it.

Perf house kitchen

You can see that one part of the kitchen wall is covered with ceramic tiles which give texture to the space. It looks good when paired with wood cabinets and neutral colored highlights.

Perve House Design

This is how the house looks from the outside. Is not she beautiful? Use a large sliding glass door to easily attach it to the outdoor area. As seen from the outside, the interior looks really nice.

Perf House Glass Flooring

Here’s a closer look at the floors from above. It actually reminds me of bubble wrap! But this is strong and can hold people’s weight.

What can you say about this home designed by Andy Martin Architecture? It is really unique! Only a few designers would be brave to use a distinct type of material for home flooring. The result of the idea was very impressive which also helped the architects achieve what the client wanted. Apart from the floors, the interior is also well designed from the decor to the furniture!

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