20 Contemporary Home Office Design Ideas

20 Contemporary Home Office Design Ideas

If you work at home or bring your work home from the office, you will need your home office. Having your own workspace will make it easier for you to perform various tasks with minimal distraction.

Having a home office is not just about putting a desk and chair together. There are things you need to consider when organizing and designing your home office.

Are you currently looking for new ideas for the home office?

The good news is that we have some amazing contemporary home office designs for you today. You will be able to get an idea of ​​how to do planning and how to decorate your home office.

Just scroll down and take a look at what we’ve collected for you.

1. Flat 1202

Apartment 1202 m

iStudio Engineering

Like this chic and elegant home office in white tones. It also has a view of the city below which is a nice view to look at while working.

2. Certified Luxury Builders – Alexander C&D – Il Villaggio II Condo Remodel

Aptos Residence

Custom Sabo Builders

This Houston home office with gray walls, mid-tone hardwood floors, freestanding desk, and gray floors looks professionally owned because of its design.

3. Fina’s Little House

Our little house

Soul House Design

This home office is part of a tiny home. You will be surprised if you see the rest of the house! It brings plenty of outside natural light inside and expands the sense of space.

4. 533 Leonard 2 Bedrooms

533 Leonard 2 Bedrooms

Bold New York Design

That flower in a bowl over a chair looks really cute! It brings some fresh aura to the room especially as it is located near the window. The blue area rug breaks the monotony of white and wood.

5. Belmont 1900

Belmont 1900

Stile & Rail, Cabinet Design & Studio

This looks like a mom’s space with all the inspiring photos of her kids on the floating shelves. Don’t like the way everything is arranged here?

6. Stonecreek Building – Concerns

Stonecreek Building - Carefree

EW Tarka Construction, Inc

The home office owner seems to mean hard work here. This sounds really intimidating but I know you’ll agree with me that this is a perfect home office design that is well organized and stylish.

7. Brooklyn Brownstone

Brooklyn Brownstone

Sonia Lee Architect LLC

Just a simple contemporary home desk made of wood. Isn’t it amazing that you can actually close or hide your desk when it’s not being used?

8. Ministry of the Interior

home office

turnstile design

Due to the hardwood floors and wooden walls, this space seems a bit crowded. In addition to the glass desk, there is also another working area located in a small room.

9. VK design

VC . design

Chris Snook

Yes, we are interested in this home office but the most interesting is the window seat which is created using the closet. I also love the pillow designs too.

10. Queens Park

Queens Park

CplusC . Architectural Workshop

Now that’s a spacious home office! Not only one or two people can work here but an entire team can be productive in a place like this. It’s also a good idea that it’s facing the pool for a refreshing feel.

11. Harlem Flat

harlem apartment

Daniel Colding Design, Inc

Love the blue colors here! It appears to be part of a blue and black apartment in Singapore but of course it is not. This contemporary study room idea shows us that we can actually turn any part of our home into a work or storage area.

12. Private Townhouse – Rochester, New York

Private home in the city - Rochester, New York

Leighton design group

If you are blessed with space, you can always do something similar to this with a larger table and some storage space on either side.

13. Chestnut Street

Chestnut Street

Sutro . Architects

Having a home office like this gives you the feeling that you have your own space and no one will ever distract you while you work. And if you need some drink, you can simply go to the other side. I could remember the 86-foot-tall apartment in Paris when I saw this office.

14. Angelo Residence

Angelo Residence

Boswell Construction

This is not only a home office but also has an indoor wet bar. This means that once the owner is tired or when he feels the need to boost his energy, he can always have a glass of wine. This black and white desk looked nicer with the wall decorations in it.

15. Forest


cMacd Consulting & Design

This contemporary Sydney home office comes with a built in desk and some tall open shelves for storing various items.

16. Green


Calvert Design Studio

When I first saw this home office, I remembered the lime green accents in the bedroom because this color was also used in the area. There is also a nice contrast between the white walls and the dark wood floors.

17. Ninewells development

Ninewells development

Artspace Interior Design Ltd

Seen here is a small, modern study room with white walls. Love the black and white colors here and how elegant everything looks. Aside from the freestanding desk sitting on beige floors, the wall shelf is a nice feature as well.

18. Fisher Island Residence

Fisher Island Residence

Designed by Baby Calderin

The home office is located in the living room where you can see a fireplace with a hidden TV. One look at this will give you a hint that this house has a design as luxurious as these Mediterranean spaces.

19. Mariana


Soledad Builders, LLC

Interesting wall design, isn’t it? Apart from the wall of books, a work area was added in the central part. This is really a good idea to save space.

20. Little Italy Kondo

Little Italy Kondo

Studio H Design Group، Inc.

This home office is located in a condominium and has many great features from the desk design to the hooks on the wall.

The above designs will surely help you create the look of your home office. Just remember that you don’t have to copy what you see in other spaces. What’s important is being able to make things work for you in terms of storage, location, and placement of your workstation. Also, feel free to choose the colors and decorations in it. This way, your personality will appear in your office which is important so you are always in the mood for work. Can you tell me which of the above contemporary home office designs you like the most?

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