room design

room design


Principles of good bedroom design
What do you need to know?

The bedroom is another room that you should pay attention to in terms of design and details . Don’t be desensitized to other rooms in the house because it’s a room that helps restore our bodies and minds. To recharge energy the next morning to be bright. Let’s see what design principles we have to keep in mind.

room design
room design

Bed preparation

The bed is an important piece of furniture in the bedroom. Because it is the furniture that occupies the most space in the room. Therefore, we must choose a bed suitable for the size of the room so that we have enough usable space inside. Not uncomfortable The position of the bed should not be too close to the window. Because of the light shining through it may interfere with sleep and cause insomnia. And the bed should be far from the door of the room because, according to knowledge, the bed is very close to the door, and it will cause a feeling of shock when someone opens it.

room design
room design

Curtains in the room

Important to be provided for privacy in the bedroom Good curtains should have two layers of curtains, and the inner curtain should be transparent to allow light into the room. But you still need some privacy and an outside curtain preventing light from entering the room will help you sleep deeper.

Good lighting should allow

For natural light to shine through in the bedroom. Especially sunlight in the morning. Natural light will help prevent stuffiness in the room. It also helps vent moisture. As for the choice of lighting in the room, it must be installed in places. Avoid direct light entering the bed. Or use it as a replacement light bulb. Suitable light bulbs for the bedroom should be warm white. It will help create a warmer atmosphere in the room, and it will be more pleasant to sleep

usable area

Furniture installation in the bedroom The size of the room must be taken into account in the correct proportions. Choose only essential furniture, such as beds, bedside tables, wardrobes and a few desks. Because if there are too many it will make the room cramped, uncomfortable and gathering dust.

Well ventilated

There should be a window in the room for easy ventilation, and the room is not crowded. If anyone is inconvenient to open the window or in the room without windows, you can choose to buy an air purifier to replace it. We can also put plants in the bedroom. Some plants help purify the air. Or another method that helps with essential oils. Or perfumes in the bedroom. A pleasant aroma will help you sleep well. more relaxed

room design
room design

Use of colours

Proper use of color can have a positive effect on mental health. And happiness in relaxing the color of the room’s walls and the materials used in the arrangement and decoration. Cold colors should be used to give a cool feeling such as white and blue, and if the room is small and narrow, use warm colors such as yellow and cream to help make the room look more spacious and should not be used in flashy colors.

How are you? With good bedroom design principles it seems an idea that can help bring happiness and make your sleep more restful. And find a good article you can talk about many things around the house next time. Please follow me too.


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