20 Unique Round Coffee Tables in the Living Room

20 Unique Round Coffee Tables in the Living Room

Coffee tables are one of the few essentials in our living rooms. As much as having a place to put your magazines or coffee every time you’re in the living room isn’t really that important, people (homeowners and designers alike) usually have that knack for adding a nice coffee table in the middle of a living area.

Most of the time, coffee tables don’t come with the living room set when you actually buy them, so choosing a set that looks magically great with your set is a blessing. Far away, I think this list is one great source of samples for us in choosing the right piece of coffee table that you can pair with your stunning living room set, Peak!

1. Victorian Cambridge

Victorian Cambridge

Trat touch for interior design

First on the list is a beautiful wooden coffee table in the center of the room. This living room is sure to be a magical space to be in because of all the colors that appear in it. I love the velvet armchairs and the colorful collection of pillows that pop up on the sofa and benches by the window.

2. Cumberland Street Residence

Cumberland Street

Jeremiah design

What do you think of the silver balls on the side of this living room? A unique decorative piece, isn’t it? I would like to believe that decorations like this are for staging purposes or for certain events; But this space is rather cool – with or without those silver balls.

3. Living Room in Feng Shui New York

new shit

Zain Home

When I saw this living space, I thought the wood coffee table was great. It’s basically a hemisphere and looks as cool as it is really unique. The extra wood furniture in this space makes it more interesting and earthy. I absolutely love him!

4. HP Residence

HP Residence

Karen Aston design

The living room we already mentioned is on an old list and I think this has to be more than that given how great this space is. The colors shown here are simple and really soothing to the eyes and the wood accents shown here are just enough to make this space stand out.

5. Lone Mountain

Lone Mountain

John K. Anderson Design

I like to think that whatever material the coffee table is made of, it’s pretty heavy. The flower design in the center of the table is attractive and with its glossy finish, this thing looks more interesting than it actually is. I’d even like to believe it has a bit of an Asian glow in it.

6. Back Heights Condo

Back Heights

Michelle Workman Interiors

One color space that shows how much you can really play with color and this fun apartment theme and concept. Using an almost neutral gold shade of the sofa allowed the designers to add a turquoise armchair and a blush pink bench by the window.

7. Bau Alto Residence

Bao Alt

Jeremiah design

Whenever I see coffee tables like these in this photo, I am reminded of what contemporary tables look like nowadays. I mean, it’s really pretty and trendy in home design or decor in some way and I think the color of the table, sofa, and ottoman is absolutely gorgeous.

8. Snapper Creek

Snapper Creek

Michael Walk Design Associates

Most tables or furniture made of glass, or at least part of them, will go with whatever they are paired with. Most of the time, coffee tables are bought separately from living room furniture and sofas, sometimes this is a trick to make it work but using a glass coffee table usually works well.

9. St Pancras Penthouse Apartment

Pancras Paint

Inspired by

An industrial coffee table is located in the center of the room; The rafters that appear around the room are as interesting as most lofts I’ve seen. The big sofas and armchairs here make it really comfortable and cool to hang out and enjoy some friends!

10. Summerfield

North Carolina

Jessica Dauray Interiors / Elements of Style

I fantasize about spaces like this because even when they are smaller than most living rooms that you can see on the internet or in magazines, you can see how much love and care was used to achieve an amazing room like this. The space has a minimum of decorations and it is enough – simple, beautiful and very practical.

11. Sunset

Anderson Design

John K. Anderson Design

This living room name is just beautiful. As someone who loves social media, I come across a lot of sunset photos that people sometimes go to. Here, we can see a single sitting room with just the right amount of furniture and decorations that can wow the people who will see it for the first time.

12. Blueberry Farm

blueberry hill

Jessica Dauray Interiors / Elements 0f Style

I’m intrigued by cabinets, shelves, or walls that have tons of storage in them. There are a lot of features I’ve come across that I absolutely love and I think the shelf on the left side of the living room is something I’m thinking of having in my house. Also, I think the coffee table here is absolutely gorgeous.

13. Religion

Alden Bex

Michael Abrams Ltd.

This round glass coffee table is sure to go well with anything that makes it a really good investment. Even when you’re already updating your furniture or living room in the future, glass coffee tables will still work for them. In this living room, we see how neutral the coffee table is against the sectional and other furniture here.

14. Upper East Side Apartment

side apart

Tara Seerite

This pleasant living space has enough seating for a family of at least six. The clip is definitely cool, but I’m confused as to why they really had to wrap it up in a piece of linen and fur. The coffee table is quite old too, I love it.

15. White and bright

White Bright

Jennifer Baines Interiors

I know it’s a little early, but I really love the blue armchairs in this living room. It definitely stands out from the colorful pillowcases because everything here is very neutral – white, beige and gray. I think adding a one-of-a-kind wooden coffee table made all the difference.

16. Brooklyn Residence

Brooklyn Residence

Trat touch for interior design

This extended part of the house definitely looks lovely. I mean, this space is just perfect for homes with less-than-believable sunny days, this place (even how lovely) will definitely feel humid during the warm weather. What do you think of the unique coffee table here? Pretty cool, isn’t it? Pairing it with the white sofa made it look really cool.

17. Delaware

Where do you want?

Michael Abrams Ltd.

In this Delaware living room, we see a large coffee table made of dark wood that integrates well with the furniture and decor found here. I’m actually imagining the two separate armchair designs on each side of the round coffee table.

18. Eclectic Apartment in Manhattan

Eclectic Manhattan

Trat touch for interior design

There are several things that I think are great about this living room – the color of the walls, the choice of sofa, pillows, and cute chairs paired with the dining table! I know I may not have mentioned the coffee table, but I think this space could have worked better, but truth be told, I think it’s nice too.

19. A dash of panache

Dash Banash

Interior design company

From this angle, I find this living room a bit strange. The color and print of the sofas is unique, the colorful area rug and the brick wall with fireplace and cloak definitely look great. I don’t know what the main concept of this living room is, but I think this is a beautiful space.

20. Clarendon


Trat touch for interior design

Latest list of trat touch. Nice modern living room with one of the best furnishings available. Sectional stools and armchairs look clean, and the coffee table is great too; But my favorite picture in this picture is actually the picture on the wall, I don’t really get it, but I love it.

This list of 20 Unique Round Coffee Tables in the Living Room is something you may have already seen and I think as much as these living rooms actually look amazing on their own, if you are interested you can check out the list about 15 Unique Round Wood Coffee Table Designs Oak for more inspiration in choosing a coffee table for your living room.

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