15 Wooden Panel Door Designs

15 Wooden Panel Door Designs

Doors are always an important part of any home or structure. It is mainly used for privacy and most importantly, for safety and protection from outside elements and unwanted people. Wooden doors are mostly preferred by people because of their beauty and elegance and are getting more and more beautiful with the passage of time. They also last a very long time, and are great for insulation, especially in cold places. Wooden doors are also safer because they are more difficult for thieves to break through because they are sturdy and solid. Wooden doors also reduce sound from traveling through the room, giving one privacy and calm.

In this next article, we show a variety of 15 ideas and design for wooden doors. These sets of doors are not only beautiful, but also fit into the room well, and are designed in a way that suits one’s needs. They also add character to the room and give it a bit of character and beauty. Feel free to check them out and choose the one that suits you best.

Luda apartment interior doors

wooden panel door

elephant doors

An elegant and simple door design that fits perfectly in the modern-inspired home. It’s elegant design has a clean appeal and will surely sparkle in the room.

Modern interior doors with great graphics

teenage bedroom

Futuristic, modern and simply attractive, this door would be perfect when placed in a video room, computer room, or perhaps a teen’s bedroom. Cute – good!

Maple wood with glass insert

maple door

A maple wood door with a glass insert in the middle creates an elegant feel, yet remains simple and beautiful.

Armored interior doors


Beautiful dark wood color laminate door design, it will definitely stand out on a white house or white wall, simply stunning.

Wooden panel interior doors

white door

White, elegant and eye-catching. This beautiful white door fits perfectly in this home.

Modern interior doors Free Pink



This pretty pink door is so chick and cute that it catches the eye once you pass it, great for a girl’s bedroom door.

laminated wooden board

Sleek modern slip

Bartels doors

Modern and elegant sliding wooden door has a polished appearance, made more elegant by the glass in the middle of the door.

TruStile Modern Door Collection

pivot door

TruStile doors

A beautiful modern door that brings a rustic touch to the room because of its elegant color and focal door idea, this large knob also adds a bit of sparkle and elegance.

laminated inner panel

simple wooden door

A beautiful and simple plain wooden door idea designed and built by Bartels Doors & Hardware.

Interior panel door idea

elegant laminated wood

A simple and elegant wood laminate door with just a few touches, especially through this clean and simple line on the door that adds a cool feel to the design.

farm gate

interior wood

TruStile doors

The gray and white combination perfectly matches the look of this wood interior. They are also painted like the ones on the wall and seem to blend in well.

armored door design

unique door

Bartels doors

Unique glass door with exquisite wooden look and color, it gives a beautiful and elegant rustic feel.

Contemporary Interior Doors

Contemporary European

Finstermann LLC

Contemporary European design door that is beautiful, elegant and eye-catching. Small glass allows light to pass through while still allowing privacy.

Stella Interior Door Wenge Finish

slim door frames

Luxurious modern home

An elegant door with slim door frames and clean lines with little glass that lets in light while maintaining privacy.

Dominica Contemporary Interior Doors

wooden panel door


Another elegant wooden door with frosted glass and clean lines made and designed by Ville Doors. It’s also available in a glassless design for privacy, and it’s still elegant in every respect.

As described above, wooden doors are not only beautiful, but also elegant and economical. Wooden doors will never go out of style, and they are always a thing of beauty. Wood is durable and strong, so if you are planning to put a new door in your home, try to keep those features in mind that we have indicated. You can also look at sliding glass doors if you want to use glass.

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